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Artist Bears Collection.
Most are limited additions!

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Tammy the Baby Possum

created by The Studio by Pam

Realistic, adorable possum is fully jointed mohair with molded nose feet and tail.

6 inches long (13 inches including tail) Tammy would love to hang around your house.

regular price $310.00

Sale Price $248.00




Wild Things by Mary Daub

Three adorable new critters from Mary's Secret Garden.


Left to right:     Curled Hedgehog--7" hedgehog is hand-sculpted mohair with wool face, ears and paws. 



Hedgehog   regular price $295.00    Sold!




Sleepy Mouse--7" mohair mouse is hand-sculpted with drooping eyelids.  Fully-jointed and so realistic.


 Mouse    regular price $245.00  Sale Price $196.00



Bozee Bunny--7" bunny has airbrushed, plush fur, loose-jointed head and wonderfully detailed, needle sculpted toes on all paws.  


Bunny  regular price $295.00 


Sale Price $236.00







Jamie by Mary Kolar

Jamie is 15" tall, fully-jointed, made of hand-dyed blue and chocolate fluffy, shaggy mohair.


regular price $240.00

Sale Price $192.00


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