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Winnie the Pooh by Gund, Steiff & Gabrielle

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Pooh in a Shoe

One of a Kind

4" Pooh is handmade of plush and fully jointed. He wears a sweet little sailor suit and carries a felt sailboat.

Instead of a sleigh, he rides a baby shoe filled with gifts and Christmas baubles. Pooh is tied in with the shoelaces

and is fully removable if you'd like to display him elsewhere after the Holidays.


In Stock!


Gabrielle Musical Pooh

Ltd. Edition 500

Fully jointed mohair Pooh is 7" tall and exclusive to Theodore's Bear Emporium.

He has a wind up key in his back and plays the Winnie the Pooh song.

He comes in a special satin lined box and is a numbered edition.

One in stock!








Giant Santa Pooh

Big cuddley Pooh is 20" sitting. Dressed for the holidays

in Santa hat and red scarf.

One in stock!





Ah Poo by Ballard Baines

10" fully jointed mohair, Ah Poo is a numbered edition with tag signed by artist Karin Howard.


In Stock!





Bouncer by Donna Hinkelman-Bainbridge Bears

Pooh's most exuberant companion is 12" tall and made of fully jointed mohair,

wearing a plaid scarf and overflowing with attitude.


In Stock! 



Pink Stuff Prototype by Donna Hinkelman-Bainbridge Bears

The very first Pink Stuff (Piglet) made by Donna is 10" tall, fully jointed mohair and upholstery body

with glass eyes and wearing his own knitted scarf.

One of a Kind!


In Stock!




Attic Pink Stuff by Donna Hinkelman-Bainbridge Bears

Donna Hinkleman's adorable take on Piglet is 9" of fully jointed mohair.

In Stock!





Chili Pepper Pooh and Piggles by Marsha Friesen

12 inch Pooh is fully-jointed mohair with glass eyes and comes wearing his chili pepper red vest.

Adorable Piggles is 10 inches to the tip of his ears, fully-jointed mohair and softly stuffed.

Sold as set!


In Stock!






Pooh Bear in Book Box

Mohair Winnie the Pooh is 5 inches tall and fully jointed. 

In Classic Book Box











Piglet in Book Box


Beautiful little Piglet is fully-jointed mohair, wears a red scarf

and holds a honey pot decorated with holly leaves that he's planning

to give to his friend Pooh. Piglet comes in his very own book box.












Winnie the Pooh by Gabrielle



Made for the Disney Doll & Bear Convention, this very silly 8" mohair Pooh has jointed legs and

wears a red sweater that bearly covers his tummy.

One in stock! 













Special Edition Mohair Pooh


Disney Doll & Bear Convention 1997


This beautiful open-mouth, mohair Winnie the Pooh is 14", fully-jointed and wears his red shirt,

a periwinkle blue and creamy white striped scarf and a pin from the Disney World convention.

Made especially for the 1997 Doll & Bear Convention by Gund

Ltd. Edition of 750





One in stock!







Disney Holiday Pooh

Ltd. Edition 2002


9" sitting boxed edition Pooh made from string plush comes with his own

tiny snow globe featuring the silly bear himself!


In stock!





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