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Artist Bears Collection.
Most are limited additions!

Under the Apple Tree Bears by Susan Arnot



Truffles by Susan Arnot

16" Truffles is all dressed up and wondering if there's chocolate in this box! She is made of a beautiful

frosted mohair, has sparkling glass eyes and is fully jointed with a tilt neck and flexible armature

so she can easily hold her Valentine gift. Wearing a lovely dress and sweater set, topped with a large

bow, Truffles is one of a kind!




Tally by Susan Arnot

One of a Kind

16" Tally is made of distressed, curly caramel mohair with a tilt neck and lockline arms,

which allows for many poses. She's wearing a vintage christening gown and is one of a kind.







Pepper Panda by Susan Arnot

The cutest panda you ever did see, Pepper is all wrapped up in an EXTRA LONG scarf with an also long elf cap on his head.

Made of dense mohait with airbrushed features, 20" Pepper has a tilt neck and lockline in his arms so he can be posed

in the sweetest manner. In this adorable outfit he is one of a kind. Won't you take him home for Christmas?






Toby by Susan Arnot

Adorable Toby doesn't plan to hibernate this winter. He's warm and cozy in his thermal shirt and knit hat

and ready to play outside. Toby is made from wavy caramel colored mohair with glass eyes.

He's fully jointed with a tilt neck and lock-joint armature in his arms so he can bend his elbows

and hold things. At 20 inches, Toby is a big cuddly bear and he'd love to spend Christmas with you.







Lovely Lindy by Susan Arnot

Adorable Lindy is 16" and made of extra long, fluffy silky mohair with a tilt neck and fully jointed. She

is wearing the sweetest white pinafore dress and is hoping for an invite to an ice cream social!.





Giant Panda by Susan Arnot

This 24" Panda is made of super soft German plush. He is fully jointed with a tilt neck joint so he can

angle his head for the sweetest expressions. Poly and pellet stuffed, he is an armful of cuddly bear and also One of a Kind.






Bohemian Pearl

 bear by Susan Arnot

16" Pearl is made of thick, curly blond mohair with glass eyes and flexi-jointed neck and arms. 

She is dressed in a vintage dress and scarf with handmade blouse and a lacy turquoise band around her waist. 

And, of course, a string of pearls.

One of a kind





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