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Claire the bride

CLAIRE FRASER THE WEDDING is quite the bonnie bride in her pewter gray wedding gown with delicate lace-trimmed ruffle sleeves and coordinating linen shoes.  Her cream colored linen petticoat and stomacher are intricately embroidered with silver acorns and oak leaves.  Dearly held with a ribbon tie to complete her outfit, two fabric wedding bands, one silvery and the other golden, commemorate both of her marriages




Claire Randall

12" Claire Randall, the time traveling heroine, wears a white ruffle-trimmed jacket kept in place by a laced, thistle-patterned stomacher. She wears bow-trimmed shoes under her Outlander ™ Tartan inspired skirt, and carries a woven straw basket filled with plants she has picked for her homemade medicinal remedies.  Fully-jointed





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Jamie Fraser

12" Jamie Fraser, the dashing Highlander hero, wears a kilt inspired by the Outlander ™ Tartan and a matching plaid held in place over the shoulder by a buckled belt. His outfit is completed by a handsome 18th century style jacket and waistcoat, and a sueded sporran with matching boots. He is indeed the chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior who wears his outfit proudly.




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Jamie & Claire

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