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Artist Bears Collection.
Most are limited additions!

MeriBears by Ginnie Merigold



Nick by Ginnie Merigold

15" Nick is fully jointed with glass eyes and unusual bent knees. He is dressed in a red velveteen jacket and hat

trimmed with faux fur, and velveteen breeches. He carries the sweetest little lantern to light his way as he searches for Santa's sleigh.

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Kris by Ginnie Merigold

11" Kris is fully jointed with glass eyes. She's dressed in a red velveteen faux fur trimmed cape and comes bearing a gift.

She'd like a comfortable chair near the Christmas tree where she can munch on sugar cookies.

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Mollie by Ginnie Merigold


A big solid girl at 20", Mollie is made of wavy golden mohair, and stuffed with a mixture of pellets and polyfil.

She is clothed in a vintage, handmade dress under which there are lovely white bloomers. Her headdress is made of pink fabric

and white lace adorned with a cameo pin. Around her neck she wears vintage costume jewelry and she carries a vintage change purse.

In her lovely costume Mollie is One of a Kind!


One of a Kind


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