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Artist Bears Collection.
Most are limited additions!

Bearloom Bears by Randie Bortnem


Panda Roo by Randie Bortnem

Beautiful Panda Roo is 12" tall, fully jointed and made of plum-color and off-white wavy mohair.

She wears a lovely floral wreath on her head and carries a matching (removable) paw-puppet. 

Limited Edition 75.  







Old Monk by Randie Bortnem

Sweet little Monk has been distressed to give him the look of an old bear found in the attic.

His nose is a bit threadbare, his paws are stained and he's missing fur in some places.

But the one thing Monk still has loads of is personality. 10" tall and fully jointed, with expressive glass eyes,

Monk is stuffed with pellets and wears a handmade sweater to keep him warm.






Little Bo Peep by Randie Bortnem


16" Bo Peep is made of fluffy, ivory mohair.  Her dress, cap, bloomers, shoes


and shepherd's crook are handmade.  She carries an adorable lamb paw-puppet.  




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