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Artist Bears Collection.
Most are limited additions!



Pandas by Deb Stewart



Woes Me by Deb Stewart

A big, huggable 18 inches of bear, Woes Me is made of luxuriously soft plush, softly stuffed

with floppy head and limbs, bent elbows and knees and the most wonderful expression.

Do you need a cuddle!





Piper Panda by Deb Stewart

Sooo cute! 12" Piper is made of frosted brown and cream color plush fur. He's fully jointed

with bent knees and curved arms and he has the sweetest expression! How can you resist!





Peanut Butter Cup by Deb Stewart

Good things come in small packages and Peanut Butter Cup is as sweet as his name implies.

10" of jointed brown and off white plush, stuffed with polyfil and steel pellets, which gives this little bear a weighty feel.

A precious package to lift your spirits!






Giant Panda by Susan Arnot

This 24" Panda is made of super soft German plush. He is fully jointed with a tilt neck joint so he can

angle his head for the sweetest expressions. Poly and pellet stuffed, he is an armful of cuddly bear and also one of a kind.





ChewLee by Linda Fulmer

Pudgy ChewLee has the plumpest belly! He must have found the stash of bamboo!

16" fully jointed mohair, ChewLee is stuffed with poly & pellets, has glass eyes and a very quizzical expression.



Mandy Panda by Donna Hinkleman

14" Mandy has great personality and a wonderful pear-shaped body! She's made of rusty brown and off white

distressed mohair, is fully jointed wearing a brown checked handmade collar and has the most fabulous oversized feet!



SomWon by Jean & Jan Olsen

Made by award-winnings artists Jean & Jan Olsen, 22" SomWon is a big substantial bear. Made of gently

distressed mohair, solidly stuffed and fully jointed, he has glass eyes and ultraseude pawpads.




Wing by Janet Reeves

Handsome Wing is 19 inches of dense distressed mohair, fully jointed with glass eyes and a growler.

And just look at that face!



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