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Muffy VanderBear Collections.

Mercy Me


Mercy Me Hospital

Top Doc Hoppy and Head Nurse Muffy will keep you in stitches at Mercy Me Hospital, the special care unit they've rigged up in the backyard.  Their first

patient is sick pup Lulu.

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 Muffy Nurse Dressed

Sold Out!



Muffy Nurse Outfit






Hoppy Doctor Dressed




Hoppy Doctor Outfit






Sick Pup Lulu


Sick Pup Lulu Outfit



Ambulance and Stretcher

This painted wooden ambulance with detachable stretcher

has ample room for wounded pups.


Ambulance Sold Out!


Muffy &Hoppy's Doctor Bag

Muffy & Hoppy are ready to make house calls with this genuine doctor's bag, complete with remedies for whatever ails.



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