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Muffy Juliet



Capturing the beauty and grace befitting a classic heroine, Muffy gets rave reviews as Juliet Capulet from William Shakespeare's famous tragedy, 

Romeo and Juliet.


Muffy captivates her audience in a magenta velvet gown with brocade bodice and sleeves trimmed with ribbons and roses.  She wears a matching period-style bonnet and shoes.  A shining star in her golden earrings, heart locket and single rosebud, she recites her famous balcony soliloquy..."What's in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet..."   


Mohair Limited Edition 1,000 pieces 

Suggested retail  $150.00

Order by Secure Shopping Cart Or Call Toll Free 800-679-0040


Muffy Juliet
2005 Mohair Ltd. Edition

 Sold Out!




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