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Muffy VanderBear Collections.

Muffy's Disney Limited Editions


“Muffy Winnie the Pooh”

Disney Doll & Teddy Convention 2003
Limited Edition Size: 500

Blond mohair Muffy dressed as that "silly old bear" Winnie the Pooh wearing a cotton velveteen full bodysuit with matching hood and red t-shirt on top. A felt "hunny" pot complete with three buzzing honeybees stick to her paw to make things extra sticky. Special Winnie the Pooh themed box with certicifate and limited edition convention pin. Signed by Barbara Isenberg.


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Muffy Tigger

Disney Doll & Teddy Convention 2005
Limited Edition Size: 500

 Honey mohair Muffy Tigger happily bounces along in an orange velour body suit with screen-printed black stripes and matching velour hood with ribbon ties. Miniature tricot friends Winnie the Pooh in a red shirt, Piglet with mint green body and Eeyore with black mane and tail hitch a ride safely tucked in the three front pockets of Muffy's outfit. Special Winnie the Pooh themed box with certificate.

Signed by Barbara Isenberg.


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Muffy Steamboat Willie

Disney Doll & Teddy Convention 2003
Limited Edition Size: 250

Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Steamboat Willie, Muffy makes a most unusual debut in black and white and shades of gray. A black mohair body and a white mohair head (a first for Muffy)! The North American bear "Muffy Steamboat Willie" is a continuation of the Disney exclusive tradition begun in 2001. Muffy wears gray velour pants with two white buttons and a black satin tail, matching gray velour boots. A gray tricot hat with embroidered crest that tops a black mohair hood with ears. Muffy is accompanied by Felix the Cat and the bird. 


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Muffy Donald Duck

Disney Doll & Teddy Convention 2003
Limited Edition Size: 500
 Muffy wears a royal blue sailor top with a red bow tie, pair of lined and padded duck pantaloons, yellow socks with felt duck feet and a blue sailors cap black ribbon trim. A felt appliqued Donald Duck mask on a stick complete this ensemble. A rare, desirable Muffy for both the Disney and Muffy collector.  Signed by Barbara Isenberg *

*(Slight damage to top of one box)


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Hoppy Daisy Duck

Disney Doll & Teddy Convention 2003
Limited Edition Size: 500

Hoppy is dressed in a lavender and pink top and padded duck pantaloons with a pink bow in her hair and yellow socks and lavender high heels. A felt appliqued Daisy Duck mask on a stick completes her ensemble. A desirable Muffy for both Disney and Muffy collectors. 

Signed by Barbara Isenberg






Muffy Little Peddler

The 12 Days of Christmas

Disney Doll & Teddy Convention 1997
Limited Edition Size: 5000

Made exclusivelyfor the1997 Disney World Bear and Doll Convention. Muffy, the Little Peddler Doll- "Twelve Days of Christmas" was designed to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Teddy Bear and Doll Convention in 1997. Her illustrated box resembles a peddler’s stall. Dressed as a 19thcentury Peddler doll, Muffy bearstokens of the "Twelve Days of Christmas", with the lyrics of the famous song running around the hem of her highly detailed dress. Her felt hat bears an embroidered partridge in a tree on the front and four calling birds on the back. Two turtle dove espadrilles on her feet . Three French hens are in her left pocket. Muffy wears a Christmas wreath necklace with five golden rings. Muffy carries six geese a laying in her wicker basket. Seven paper cut-out swans swimming in her right pocket. The rest of the lyrics are represented by resin tokens sewn into her skirt (maids milking, ladies dancing, lords leaping, pipers piping, and drummers drumming).

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