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Artist Bears Collection.
Most are limited additions!

Forever Friends by Marsha Friesen



Handsome Hamilton by Marsha Friesen

Looking like Little Lord Fauntleroy, 20" Hamilton is dressed in a

gorgeous handmade, antique top flaunting a large sailor collar that is

embellished with cutwork embroidery on the ruffled collar and cuffs.

His sweet sailor beret is a vintage cap by Oshkosh and his big floppy bow is

a silky scarf. Hamilton is made of wavy mohair that has been airbrushed and sculpted

to perfection. His paws and toes are also sculpted and airbrushed. The most beautifully detailed bear

you may ever own. In this very special costume, Hamilton is One of a Kind!







Angus  by Marsha Friesen



20" Angus proudly wears his tam and dreams of the Highlands.

He's made of sparse, distressed rust-colored mohair, is fully jointed and has glass eyes.




Chow by Marsha Friesen



Good natured Chow wants to tumble into your arms and give lots of hugs.

He's 20"s of thick, wavy, brown and cream mohair, fully-jointed and watching the world

through glass eyes.







Mr Tibbs by Marsha Friesen

Toby Nominee, Mr Tibbs, is another classic bear by the talented Marsha Friesen.

Tibbs is 18" tall, fully jointed and made of wavy, caramel colar mohair. He wears a collar of bells.


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