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Artist Bears Collection.
Most are limited additions!

The Victorian Ladies and Gents is a series of one of a kind bears 

dressed in vintage clothing and accessories. 

A Bears Everywhere Exclusive!

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Mattie Anne by Marsha Friesen

Dressed in a gossamer-sheer vintage dress trimmed with three rows of ruffles and under-layered with a muslin slip edged with a full four inches of lace, 20" Mattie Anne will add romance to any room she visits.  Her handcrafted hat is covered with lace and accented with vintage roses and ostrich plumes.  And her graceful shawl is clasped with a vintage pin.  Mattie Anne has a beautifully sculpted face delicately highlighted with airbrushing.  All four of her paws have individually sculpted digits.  A lovely addition to any collection, Mattie Anne is... 

One of a Kind






Sarah by Oz Matilda


A beautiful Victorian Lady bear, Sarah is 17" tall and has a lovely complexion 

due to her pale mauve/lavender mohair with airbrushed details. She is dressed in a handmade cotton gown,

vintage, gray wool cloak clasped with a silver broach and silk bonnet.  


by Lisa Rosenbaum of Oz Matilda.

One of a Kind







Chubby Ballerina

Bear by Ginnie Merigold


Isn't she lovely as she practices a split for Swan Lake?

(And yes, there are legs under that tutu.)  This beautiful girl is

20" tall and fully jointed mohair.

  Dressed as  

One of a Kind





Ashley by Christine Jesser

A Southern Gentleman eager to escort any of our lovely ladies, 

Ashley is a lean 18 inches of chivalrous mohair, fully-jointed with 

a waxed nose and shoe button eyes. 




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