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Artist Bears Collection.
Most are limited additions!

Goose Creek by Gloria Franks



by Gloria Franks

25" Bearfoot Teddy Michael is hoping that Santa was looking the other way when his baseball

went through the neighbor's window. Michael is fully jointed with glass eyes and lockline in his arms

so he can hold on to that ball better next time.





Orphan Billy

by ?

18" Billy showed up without hangtags or ID but he looks like he could be a Goose Creek cousin

and Michael says he can stay. Billy is fully jointed mohair with unusual custom-made glass eyes.




Teddy Toddler Ralph and his slingshot

by Gloria Franks

27" Teddy Toddler Ralph is thinking maybe taking that slingshot to school wasn't such a good idea.

Ralph is made of tan fluffy mohair with glass eyes and fully jointed limbs that are flexi jointed

so he can bend his arms and legs. He comes with a vintage, hand made slingshot!





Sandy and her OshKosh Teddy

by Gloria Franks

Bearfoot Teddy Sandy is 24" tall, and has armature in her jointed arms

that allows her to bend them and hold things. She's made of fluffy mohair and is fully jointed.

She comes with her own Osh Kosh teddy wearing pink overalls that nearly match what Sandy's wearing herself.






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