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Artist Bears Collection.
Most are limited additions!

Limited Time Sale!

20% Off regular price

Tammy the Baby Possum

created by The Studio by Pam

Realistic, adorable possum is fully jointed mohair with molded nose feet and tail.

6 inches long (13 inches including tail) Tammy would love to hang around your house.

regular price $310.00

Sale Price $248.00




Wild Things by Mary Daub

Three adorable new critters from Mary's Secret Garden.


Left to right:     Curled Hedgehog--7" hedgehog is hand-sculpted mohair with wool face, ears and paws. 



Hedgehog   regular price $295.00    Sold!




Sleepy Mouse--7" mohair mouse is hand-sculpted with drooping eyelids.  Fully-jointed and so realistic.


 Mouse    regular price $245.00  Sale Price $196.00


Bozee Bunny--7" bunny has airbrushed, plush fur, loose-jointed head and wonderfully detailed, needle sculpted toes on all paws.  


Bunny  regular price $295.00 


Sale Price $236.00




Little Bo Peep by Randie Bortnem


16" Bo Peep is made of fluffy, ivory mohair.  Her dress, cap, bloomers, shoes


and shepherds crook are handmade.  She carries an adorable lamb paw-puppet.   

regular price $295.00

Sale Price $236.00



Puppies Callie & Joey by Sandy Knapp.

8 inch long Callie is made of soft gray, wavy mohair and fully jointed.  She wears a darling hat trimmed with silk flowers and bows and tied with a pink ribbon.

Callie   regular price $115.00

Sale Price $92.00

8 inch Joey is  silver tipped, tan mohair, fully jointed, and dressed in a dapper black velvet bow tie with white starched collar.

Joey   regular price $115.00

Sale Price $92.00





Nector by Marsha Friesen


8" Bee-Bear is made of yellow and brown mohair 

with molded nose and gauze wings.  Fully-jointed.


regular price $175.00

Sale Price $140.00



Jamie by Mary Kolar

Jamie is 15" tall, fully-jointed, made of hand-dyed blue and chocolate fluffy, shaggy mohair.


regular price $240.00

Sale Price $192.00


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