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Happy Mother's Day



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Tea for Three on Mother's Day




This Mother's Day, May is planning a Tea Party on the lawn




She invites Teresa to share some tea


And Teresa's daughter, minnie


All three wish you a very

Happy Mother's Day!





may by Susan Horn

19" May is made of thick wavy mohair.  She's fully jointed and dressed in the prettiest pink gown.

One of a kind!





Teresa by Joan Mescon

Teresa is an armful of love.  Solidly packed with pellets and polyfil and made of the

fluffiest mohair, she is fully jointed and dressed in a vintage child's gown and a lovely

straw hat trimmed with flowers and feathers.

One of a kind!






Minnie by Joan Mescon


18" Minnie is made of wavy mohair and is fully-jointed.  She's wearing a vintage dress

topped with a handmade jumper and faux-straw hat.  She comes with her raggedy doll.

One of a kind!








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