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Artist Bears Collection.
Most are limited editions!



Hamilton by Marsha Friesen


Hamilton is personality plus with his beautifully sculpted and airbrushed features.

This solid boy is 20" tall, made of thick, curly mohair with glass eyes and fully jointed.





Talbot by Jane Perala

18" curly mohair bear has airbrushed features, waxed, pearl cotton nose,

fully jointed and wears a vintage bell.





Gordy by Gilmur-Rudley

 Another great bear by the talented Jackie Melerski.  

Gordy is a pellet-stuffed 20" bear made of two shades of mohair. 

He has a round belly, bent knees and wears a necklace made of berries, bells and (of course) a gourd.

  One of a Kind



On Hold!









Amethyst Glacier by Heidi Miller



Hand-dyed mohair and incredible sculpted detail makes this one of the most breathtaking

bears we've ever seen.  Amethyst Glacier's nose and paw pads are made of lovingly molded

air-brushed ultra suede.  She peers through hand-painted glass eyes and her head

 and neck are adorned with berries and bows.  Fully jointed, 24" Amethyst Glacier is solidly stuffed

with pellets and polyfil.  She is #5 from a limited edition of 10 and the last one left.  We found

her hiding on a shelf in our warehouse and decided she should have a real home.












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Matachi by Luckye Medford

A wonderful bear made of unusual gold-flecked mohair.  16" Metachi

wears a hat of rich wine-colored brocade trimmed with gold braid and hand-stitched

pearls and baubles.  Triple-layered bib collar adorns his neck, lavishly hand-beaded

with sparkle pearls and gold brocade.  He sits atop a tapestry-covered hatbox 

which is included.  

One of a Kind!







Lucille by Susan Horn

One of the "Gardening Girls" collection, Lucille is 16" tall, 

dressed in vintage clothing and carries her gardening supplies 

and her 6" bunny "helper".

One of a Kind!





Polly & Dollie by Serieta Harrell

Pretty Polly wears a pale pink dress covered with white polka-dots

 and trimmed with lace.  Her sweet little handmade ragdoll comes with her.

17" Polly is made of tan mohair with glass eyes and is fully jointed.


Ltd Edition of 25










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Otto by Ra-Lina Teddys

16 inches of personality by Gabriele Dutzler!  Otto is dressed in handmade shirt, pants and vest, with a studded leather belt around his waist.  His pipe is clenched in a mouth of sculpted resin teeth and tongue, his nose is waxed thread and his whiskers fluffy rabbit fur.  Otto carries his house key in his pocket (he's afraid his wife has locked him out).  From the key dangles a staghorn keychain.   A little bird has landed on his walking stick and keeps Otto company.  The bottle of Schnapps in his back pocket may be why Mrs. Otto has locked the door behind him.  

One of a Kind







Bridgette by Ruth Anne Maurer

Dressed for the holidays, 16", mohair Bridgette wears a cotton dress and fabric-lined, ultasuede cape, trimmed with braid, and a matching beret.  Fully-jointed, Bridgette has flexible, armatured arms which bend so she can tuck her paws into her darling, Teddy muff. Mohair muff has jointed head and arms. 


Limited Edition of 25







Katie by Sandy Knapp

Extra long, fluffy apricot mohair, a flowered, fabric hat and lacey shawl

makes this 16" bear extra feminine.  

 Fully jointed with glass eyes.




Cosey by Jean & Jan Olsen

A sweet 13" bear made with "permed" apricot/blond mohair.  Air-brushed

detail around his Italian silk-stitched nose. Fully-jointed.



Raspbeary Brandy by Irene Heckel

 A big, cuddly bear who loves to give hugs, Brandy is 20" 

of hand-dyed mohair, pellet stuffed, with air-brushed features.

Ltd. Edition 6     





Gloria Louise by Donna Hinkelman

This wonderful pear shaped bear is 13" tall with individually stitched fingers and toes.  Gloria is made of varying colored mohair and each has a different hat. 

 Each one of a kind.




Beastly by Wendy Brent

17" bear of zotty-color (silver tipped) mohair.  Leather paw-pads with individually stitched and molded toes.  Hand-painted German glass eyes.  Molded nose.  Sporting a dapper yellow patterned bowtie and carrying a silk rose.




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