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Remember Grandma's Attic

Artist Bears with a Vintage Look


Limerick Bears by Lynn & Phil Gatto

Vintage clothing and accessories make each of these one of a kind.


20" Fitz is made of sparse tan mohair, is loosely jointed and 

wears a velveteen collar and a large vintage bell around his neck.

Shoe-button eyes and stained, distressed felt pawpads gives 

Fitzjames the appearance of a bear from days gone by.





Black bears are hard to photograph, especially when wearing  bright-color

clothing, but we're hoping Sabrina's sweetness will shine through.  This darling 14" bear is

made of fluffy black mohair, fully  jointed with glass eyes and a lightly

waxed nose.  She's wearing a pair of vintage P.J.'s from a doll or a very small child.






It's obvious how 16" Sneakers got his name.  His scuffed footwear

is a bit oversized, but this bear insists he won't go "bearfoot".  

Made of wavy blond mohair, Sneakers is fully jointed with distressed 

felt pawpads.  A child's undershirt completes his outfit.




Brutus by Carol Carini

Brutus is a big 24" boy made of distressed mohair, stuffed, antique style, with straw

and growls loudly when tilted. He is fully-jointed with long arms and large feet

and has real shoe-button eyes.



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Timothy by Christine Jesser

11" Timothy is fully-jointed mohair with glass eyes

and a waxed pearl cotton nose.  A sweet little guy.






Old Bear by Joyce Sheets

15" mohair bear is excelsior stuffed and expertly distressed.

Fully jointed with shoe button eyes, this antique-looking fellow

wears a vintage child's undershirt complete with manufacturer's

original tags.



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