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Artist Bears Collection.
Most are limited additions!

Goose Creek by Gloria Franks



Bear by Gloria Franks

26" Bearfoot Teddy Hun-E, is as sweet as can be in her pinafore.

She's carrying a homemade teddy that matches her dress. Hun-E is fully jointed with flexible

lock-line arms so she can hug her teddy really tight.


On Hold!





Bear by Gloria Franks


25" Bearfoot Teddy Annie is dressed in a lovely pinafore covered with pictures of her favorite dolls, Raggedy Ann & Andy.

Even her wooden shoes have pictures of her favorite duo. Annie has flexi-jointed arms so she can hug her very own Raggedy Ann doll.


One of a Kind


In Stock!




 by Gloria Franks


18" Anthony is fully jointed with unusual bent knees.  He is made of

deep rose color wavy mohair.  Pellet and fiberfill stuffed.






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